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The Author

Mariam Sarkissian, lyrical singer and pedagogue


Thanks to a unique experience of post-traumatic self-education following a serious car accident, the lyrical singer Mariam Sarkissian has created a new method of vocal technique teaching, which has no known equivalent in the field of singing pedagogy and spoken and sung vocal technique teaching: the Sarkissian® Method.

Based on Sarkissian's original concept called the Balance Triangle (Le Triangle de l'Équilibre®), inspired by the teaching of the Belcanto tradition schools (Lamperti, Everardi, Garcia), the method is intended to form or re-educate the expression tool of different singers and speakers, both amateurs and professionals.

Mariam Sarkissian's book I Think, Therefore I Sing or The Praise of Cognitive Belcanto,  including a description of her teaching method and her work with opera singers (soloists and choristers, amateurs and professionals, beginners and advanced, in career and in rehabilitation) was published in 2018 and is currently available on our website in French and in English.

In 2019-2020, Mariam Sarkissian has been invited to teach singing and vocal technique at the Legion of Honor School in Saint-Denis. Her book I Think, Therefore I Sing was distributed to students in individual and group classes and served as a workbook during this year of installing their technical basis with the Sarkissian Method.

Mariam Sarkissian - professeur de chant

In 2020, Mariam Sarkissian created the first Virtual Cursus of her method: a new form of singing lessons and vocal technique workshops, currently available on our website in French.


Mariam Sarkissian is a registered training provider (training organism number delivered by the Prefect of Île de France: 11940956194) and holds a diploma equivalent to the CA registered at Level I (code NSF133) of the National Directory of Professional Certifications.

Mariam Sarkissian teaches singing and vocal technique to singers and speakers in individual and group lessons and consultations at the Atelier Sarkissian (Paris), in masterclasses, as well as on our website.


In France, her consultations, lessons and masterclasses can be covered by the organizations that provide financial support for training (AFDAS for intermittent artists, FIFPL for the liberal professions, etc.)

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